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First Presbyterian Church, Conroe
 Relatives and Friends 

Prayer List for Members' Relatives and Friends:

All First Responders 

Cherylyn R., Carrie U., Gloria S. (Ganek)
Delores S. (Lowery)

John R. (Hethershaw)
Mitch B. (Blott)
Eddie S. & Harry S., Jr. (Havens)
Barbara B. (Das)
James M. , Patty M., Enrique E. (Moore)
 Jack W. (Cannon)
William W. (Weinburger)
Lynda H. and Emily T. (Ebanks)
Sherry B. (Harrison)
Leah H. and Jeffrey H. (Heasley)
 Deborah R. (Rose)
Katie B. (Pohla)
Wendy S. (Adamson)
Tim J. (Staff)
Krissy P. & Family (Kasmiersky)
Judy N. (Dukes)
Sherry M. (Garrison)
Lee H. (Helms)
Caleb & Michaela W. (David Henderson)
Lena and her children (Ine Webb)

Gerald H. (Donna Roberts)
Tamara B. (Bill Harrison)

Family of Leslie M. and Martha K. (Gordon & Susan Juhl)
Tucker H. (Hudson)
Nikkia (Stacey Wilmberly)
Virginia R. (Smith)
Dana K (Shorts)


Please contact  the office by phone, email or with a
new prayer request card to submit names
for the list each month.

First Presbyterian Church Conroe
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