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First Presbyterian Church, Conroe
 Forms for Church Operations 


Section 05 - General Administration

Event Approval Scheduling and Planning Form (F-050401)
Church Facilities Reservation Form (F-05101)

FPCC Facilities Usage Agreement (F-05102)
Church Facility Usage and Hold Harmless Agreement (F-05103)
Release and Waiver of Liability Form for Adults (F-05104)
Minor Participation Authorization and Consent to EMT (F-05105)
Certificate of Insurance Request Form (F-05106)

Section 06 - Membership Records

New Member Information Form (F-060401)

Section 07 - Personnel Management

Employee Requisition Form (F-070201)
Application for Employment (F-070202)
Contingent Offer Letter Template (F-070203) [MS Word Template]
Consent to Procure a Consumer Report and Release of Info for Employment Purposes (F-070204)
Background Check Pre-Adverse Action Notice (F-070205)  [MS Word Template]
Background Check Adverse Action Notice and Offer Rescind (F-070206) [MS Word Template]
Notice of Cleared Offer Contingencies Template (F-070207) [MS Word Template]
Employee Action Notice #1 (F-070208)
Notice Regarding Background Investigation (F-070209)
Weekly Timesheet.Sun-Sat[800] (F-070901) 
Weekly Timesheet.Wed-Tue[799] (F-070902)
Employee Action Notice #2 Supplemental Pay Form[801] (F-070903)
Contribution Self-Reflection & Next Cycle Plan (F-071201)
Supervisor’s Contribution Observations & Next Cycle Plan (F-071202)
EEO Identification Form (F-071901)
Volunteer Application (F-072301)
Volunteer Information Request Letter (F072302)  [MS Word Template]
Notice to Volunteer Regarding Background Investigation (F-072303)
Volunteer Confidential Information and Consent to Conduct Background Investigation (F-072304)
Background Check Pre-Adverse Action Notice (F-072305)  [MS Word Template]
Background Check Adverse Action Notice and Volunteer Disqualification (F-072306)  [MS Word Template]
Volunteer Appointment Letter Template (F-072307) [MS Word Template]
Volunteer Action Notice (F-072308)
Volunteer Reference Check Form (F-072309)
VBS Volunteer Information Form (F-072310)

Section 08 - Financial Management

Cash Receipts Reconciliation and Deposit Form (F-08051)
Counting Sheet Summary Form (F-08061)
Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form (F-083101)
Independent Contractor Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form (F-083102)
Memorandum Direct Deposit of Wage Payments (F-083103) (MS Word template)
Check Request Form (CRF) (F-080401).

Section 09 - Building and Grounds

Building and Door Key/Card Access Request (F-090401)

Section 10 - Child Protection

Student Registration Form (F-100401)
Incident Report Form (F-100601)

Section 11 - Christian Education

Set Up Request Form (F-111001)

Section 17 - Vehicles and Transportation

Bus Use Request Form (F-170101)
Passenger Van Agreement (F-170102)
Vehicle Inspection Report Form (F-170103)
Application for Approved Driver Certification Form (F-17301)
Vehicle Accident Report (F-170501)

Vehicle Accident Investigation Report (F-170502)

Section 21 - Worship for Special Occasions

Wedding Service Request Form (F-210201)
Wedding Options Selection Form (F-210301)

Section 23 - Mission Trips

Mission Trip Planning and Approval Form (F-230101)
Parent Guardian Trip Consent Form (F-230201)
Parent Guardian Local Travel Consent Form (F-230301)
Medical Information and Release Form for Youth (F-230401)

Section 24 - Miscellaneous Policies

Congregation-Wide Fundraising Project Approval Form (F-240201)

First Presbyterian Church Conroe
8:30 a.m. Communion and Prayer Service (Sanctuary)
9:00 a.m. Fellowship (Bistro)
9:30 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Fellowship (Narthex)
11:00 a.m. Worship Service (Sanctuary / Live Streaming)

2727 N. Loop 336 W. | Conroe, TX 77304 | PH: 936-756-8884